3D and interactive animations, dancing in the air, multi-level stage, best in class multimedia projectors, surround sound and the main hero: the building of the National Forum of Music. Enjoy!
The Alchemy of Light is a unique interdisciplinary multimedia show, the only one that’s connects contemporary visual arts in the form of 3D mapping, light, music, singing and live dance in the country. The main theme of this Year’s Alchemy is the power of music, its influence on culture and life of the city, diversity and cultural mixing, passion, inspiration and – first of all – the freedom of creation.

You can find more details regarding the event at
alchemiaswiatla.pl and at wroclaw2016.pl

Date: September 2016
Venue: The National Forum of Music in Wrocław, Poland.

Sławek Fąfara/ATOMY STUDIO
Marek Smok Rajss
Ewa Szawul
Anna Nowak

Sławek Fąfara/ATOMY STUDIO
Robert Słowik/Merkury6
Mateusz Palka
Marcin Bania/Temporary Space Design
Sebastian Jachimowicz
Marcin Żwaka

Marek Smok Rajss
Klaudia Rabiega
Abel Korzeniowski

Production and multimedia by Visualsupport
Video by Visualsupport

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