Sometimes ‘on screen’ simply isn’t enough to bring your audience closer to your brand. Often, the best way to engage with your target audience is by creating truly immersive brand experiences that beautifully marry the physical world with specially created audio-visual effects. We bring expert projection mapping, video mapping and spatial augmented reality (AR) to indoor events, public spaces or wherever you aspire to engage with your audience. With our extensive experience and proven partnerships with technical and industry specialists, you can count on Atomy Studio to deliver awe-inspiring audio-visual experiences that your customers and stakeholders will never forget.


Imagine an impressive private building or public monument lit up by your brand or organization’s colors, logo and key messages. Imagine exposing your message to thousands of people simultaneously in a way that they will remember – and talk about – for days, weeks and months afterwards. With Atomy, there’s no need to just imagine – our team of experienced technicians and creatives regularly organize projection mapping, video mapping and spatial augmented reality for cultural events, advertising opportunities and private consumer or corporate events.



Audiences today are more demanding than ever before. Thankfully, technology gives us the opportunity to satisfy – and exceed – these heightened expectations and take audience experiences to a whole new level. Our team of multimedia experts works in close collaboration with theatre companies, artists and event organizers to add a new level of engagement to plays, recitals, expositions, concerts and much more.



Almost all concerts, sporting events, awards ceremonies and any other kind of major public gathering we attend today feature some kind of multimedia branding or identity – an audiovisual treat that heightens the experience and stimulates the senses. Our experienced creatives and technicians use the latest technology and design techniques to augment your event brand or identity, bring it to life, and make your event an unforgettable experience for your attendees.